June 14, 2017


         Britain Teeters on the Edge of Another Glorious

                                       Biafran Genocide

As Nigerian Muslims, Imams, Elders, and Leaders hide behind their “Youth,” as typical of many Palestinians, et al, the Great White Sharia Britain stands in quiet approval as the fifty-year-long-rape and slow murder of Biafra gets reignited.  


These blatantly disingenuous, taqyyia media post explain nothing of substance and, in true sharia fashion, totally ignore the core truths. They do, however demonstrates how sharia and taqyyia are common place throughout Europe and in NYC and America.

What Newsweek and Mr. Gaffey fail to convey to the world is that for fifty years (1967-2017), Great Britain has cheerfully supported, supplied, and stood behind the Muslim Nigerian Army’s rape, slaughter, and starvation of over five million Christian Biafrans.

In 1967, Biafra was seeking to go back to their pre-British-colonization-stand-alone-country of Biafra. Britain would not have it.  The Muslim Nigerians would not hear of it. Biafra declared Independence anyway.

A bloody civil war ensued. Britain politicians rejoiced as they enabled the Nigerian Muslim government to blockade and starve to death around 2,000,000 Biafrans. They watched, just as the rest of the world watched, on TV.

Seeing and unconscionably delighting in the satanic genocide, then Prime minister Henry Wilson stalwartly and joyfully declared, “[I] would accept a half million dead Biafrans if that was what it took.” 

If that is what it took to do what? 

To steal. To steal for Britain, To rape Biafra for the pleasure of the Britain/Nigerian coalition.

You see, as usual, it’s all about the ever precious, the ever worthy, the Anglican ever holy…oil. The oil money. The blood red oil money. The same blood red that stained the cross of Jesus. The same blood red that tainted the silver that drove Judas to suicide. The same blood red money that the extremely polite British government and the “peaceful” Muslims will kill, rape, torture, and starve Biafrans to death for.

America and the UN countries have all had their similar sins, which is why, I suppose, they fear casting stones at Britain. Someone may write their names in the sand and call them all to account.

Back to the core issues of Mr. Kaffey’s article. Whether ignorant of how Islam works or fearful for his life if he told the truth, he refuses to address several more issues. For one, he fails to explain that Britain continues to back the young Muslim thugs and their adult commanders who are all in cahoots together.  

If you do not understand Islamic culture, you may think that Muslim “youth” are like American youth…that they will rebel against their religious preachers and Imams.  That they will riot against their teachers and authorities.  But you are totally ignorant fools if you believe Muslim youth would so act against their revered Imams and elders.  Death would just as quickly come to all of them.

Britain is well aware of the threats of a possible repeat massacre and genocide. They know the plan to force the Ibo/Biafrans out of Northern Nigeria  or slaughter them, even though many have been living there their whole lives and some for generations.

Britain knows of the plans to confiscate all their homes, property, and bank accounts and give them cash for leaving: perhaps up to a hilarious $20 dollars per family. The British know these things because they are exactly what happened before the first civil war 50 years ago.

Why are the Nigerian Muslim leaders and Britain supposedly “challenging, while actually leading and backing, the so called “Youth” demands, as though the youth had tanks and weapons of war to enforce their will?

Yes, many 8 to 12-year-old Muslim boys are taught how to behead people. Many of them are throughout Nigereia, and also in London and New York City as we speak. They wait, beneath the willfully blind eyes of the ignorant Western world, for a future day and training their children and grandchildren in the same, patient, violent way of Jihad.

But can the Nigerian “Youth” fly a chopper or an airplane? Can they even drive a tank? Will they simply start a civil war with their guns and machetes?

And after 50 years, why now, Mr. Gaffey?  Why now, Newsweek?  Your article and accompanying video only demonstrate how taqyyia works.  It does not provide and true explanation of British motivations. Perhaps another war to Crush Biafra is the not-so-secret desire of Great Sharia Britain.

I have spent my life in debate and search for truth in many aspects of life.  My mantra has been and remains, “Always be willing to be wrong in order to find the clear truth.” If I am wrong, simply point it out to me.  


But I say to Mr. Gaffey and Newsweek, you are wrong. Let me share with the world what you tremble to say fearing the Islamic sword

The threats of displacement, killing and war are for simple reasons.  The first is because talk of Biafra’s return to sovereignty is growing stronger. But the second, which you sharia/willfully ignore and do not deem necessary to explain, is this:


A repeat genocide is justifiable to Britain and Nigeria because they will not give up the oil riches. They will never willingly let Biafra follow the UN Charter’s demand that indigenous people have the right to self-determination and rule of their own land and resources. 


What would become of Britain without their stolen riches? Their children will starve to death without the raping and stealing. The wealthy British government whores will become mere street prostitutes, begging their Masters in Saudi Arabia for help.

Britain stands at the ready for a historical repeat.  They stand ready to back the Muslim Army and watch the slaughter. They stand ready to improve on Wilson’s delightful cry, “[We will] accept another five million dead Biafrans if that [is] what it [takes to keep our sweet, stolen oil.]” 

In May, 2017, Nigerian Vice-President Osinbajo said: “The most successful of the nations of the world are those who do not fall into the lure of secession, but who through thick and thin forge unity in diversity.”  

Ha! Perfect taqyyia. Spoken effortlessly, beguilingly, convincingly, unless you know the language of taqyyia.

If I may, please, I will finish for Osinbajo what he also failed to explain: 

“The most successful of the nations of the world are those who do not fall into the lure of secession, but who through thick and thin forge unity in diversity, as long as only we Muslims retain the share of oil rights with Britain; as long as you submit to Submission (Islam) by being raped and murdered at our leisure.  Yes, we must strive for unity in the diversity of Muslims and Christians, living peacefully together, as long as you Biafran Christians tolerate being subjugated and Deened to Allah through the jizya tax, for which we take all of your oil money.” 

“Be grateful that you have your life. You will always owe us on account that all of you, like every human baby on earth, were born fitrah…that is, every human baby is born a pure, sinless, holy baby who, if not deceived by parents, will choose Islam. Mohammed has declared it!”

“But when the babies of the world grow up and are taught to be Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheist, etc, then all become apostates, infidels, kafir, just like you have become.”

“You Christian Biafrans and all the people of the world are filth, you are actually worthy of death, but we will spare your life if you are willing to continue to be subjugated.   Britain has more power, more military, and more wealth. We must obey them for now. But through the world’s slow submission, Britain, Europe, and America will continue paying for our multiple wives and our many, many children.”  

“Soon, with our very successful Hijra and our baby jihad, our population jihad will grow strong enough to rule Britain with the iron claw of full sharia. In time, Britain, Europe, and America will bow the knee and be subjugated so that the sword does not fall on the necks of your children and grandchildren until our secondary Muslim prophet, Jesus, whom we call Isa, returns.

When the Muslim Isa/Jesus returns, He will slaughter and obliterate every Jew as well as every Christian who calls him Jesus/Savior! Mohammed has declared it!”

“So, stay united with us. Continue in the meaning of Deen and Islam:  Subjugation and Submission. Pay your tax with your oil. Do not engage in a useless fight for freedom. Remember what we and Britain did to you for the past fifty years.  Know that Britain is prepared to do it again, with even more Biafran deaths, for they know full well that, even more important than stealing your oil, the time is approaching when they will be subjugated to Allah as well.”        

Get ready, Biafrans!  Pray. Perpare. Push.  The United Nations  wil not move without your insitant and incessant cries.   Patrick Henry cried out for America, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"  You have partipated more than 5,000,000 times already. My the power of YAWEH lead you, through fasting and prayer, for your future.

On July 4, American Independance Day,  I will pray that Bifra will be free. I call upon all Biafrans in America and around the world to join me in prayer for your homeland.  

Wake up,  world. We stand at the cross-roads. Biafra is simply an example of the world’s future. Either support Biafra’s freedom, or we will all eventually be subjugated like them, Brtain and the whole of Europe.  

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