Biafra is a sub-state in the southeast area of Nigeria. The Biafrans have been seeking secession and the right, as an indigenous people, to control their own land as well as their own wealth of oil resources, as granted by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 61/295. 

From 1967-1970, almost 5 million Biafrans were slaughtered in the Biafran attempt to gain independance. It was a move Britain opposed, for it could help to desttroy their economy and leave their own white children skin and bones,  an intolerable picture of what is so easily tolerable in black skin. It was the reason then British Prime Minister Harold Wilson (68/69), seeing the genocide and starvation of women and children, and expressing the sentiment of many refined British aristocracy, said,  “[I] would accept a half million dead Biafrans if that was what it took.” * ... keep stealing all the unfathomable riches of Biafraland and keep his little Brits from looking the same. 

In yet another massive British-backed genocide, almost 2 million of these men, women, and children, were purposely starved to death by Wilson and the Muslim Nigerians as millions around the world watched on TV.  The government of Britain did not turn a blind eye to the ghoulish horrors.  They watched, transfixed by the savage delight, salivating at the prospect of at least 50 more years of oil and riches beyond their dreams which they could continue to rape from Biafraland.  THIS YEAR MARKS THE 50th YEAR OF THE BEGINNING OF THE BRUTISH BRITISH AND MUSLIM HELLISH CONQUEST.

For the past ten years British government has seemed willing to contemptuously ignore the UN Charter as they had ignored all Biafran cries and tortured screams for human rights of the  Biafran Christians since long before 1967.

They have continued stealing the oil and money from Biafraland, leaving more millions in dire poverty. 

Wilson, and all Prime Misters through Theresa May, having reached the Half a Century mark this year, now have cause for celebration as they revel in the oil riches from one of the longest genocides and successful thefts in history.* They have done so, unfortunately, it seems, with the blessing of the UN and the United States Government.

This year, Britain again closed her eyes to the continued evil of the Nigerian Government which they control as the Nigerian Army, armed as always with British weaponry, shot 30 Biafrans dead simply for having a victory walk when Donald Trump was elected President. It was a barbaric, savage and terroristic crime which, unsurprisingly, elicited no response from London's Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan who has, in camaraderie with the murderous soldiers, blatantly expressed his own hatred and disdain for President Trump, sending a tacit blessing to his violent Muslim Brothers.

Nor did this barbaric, savage and terroristic crime illicit a response from Prime Minister Theresa May, the latest in a long succession of Prime Ministers blissfully sipping their oil-bought tea as millions of Christian Biafrans have continued on an unabated path, being raped and tortured and slaughtered by the Puppet Muslim Nigerian Government.

They are a murderous, genocidal, combination government, Britain and Nigeria, far worse than those of Mubarak, Qaddafi, Hussein, or Assad. Their many atrocities and genocide of 5,000,000+ Biafrans are rivaled only by those of Hitler, Stalin, and 1400 years of Islam.  This is a government praised, exalted and greatly encouraged by former President Obama as well. A government which takes secret pride in being known as the one of the most scamming and criminal countries in the world. 

But all the Nigerian people do not represent the savagery of their government. And the wickedness of Britain does not bespeak the kind and generous hearts of the hundreds of thousands of British citizens on our shores.

Brits, Biafrans, and Nigerians all live and work side by side, assimilating into our culture while retaining their own. It is a fantastic testimony to the power of the freedom and democracy of America, that in NYC, the main melting pot of America, all Biafrans, Nigerians, and Brits can co-exist with equal rights for all. What a great example of what NYC and America can do for others around the globe!

Let us ask Britain to do the same. Repent of such gross atrocities and sin. Turn to the truth so that your future can be saved. It will not be saved with stolen riches which are now rotting in your mouth and souls. Return the land and oil to Biafra before it is too late, and you become irretrievably engulfed in the mire of Sharia.



I told you that truth is more important to me than success.  If I cannot speak the truth, then success is to live in hell.