June 3, 2017

Dear Biafrans of New York City, Biafraland, and around the World,

I have been delighted to learn about Biafra the past four months through my new Biafran friends in New York City, Uche Celestine and Chukwudi Nwamuo and their friends, as well as Clifford Iroanya in Texas and others, and through my own studies and web research.

I am writing and posting this personally rather than as a political candidate. As a candidate, I will continue to speak out against injustices done to the families and relatives around the world of all New York City residents and citizens as I am made aware of them. I would also appreciate hearing different or opposing perceptions of truth and the realities of these conflicts.

However, my main focus as a Mayoral Candidate must be on the thousands of issues that directly affect New York City itself.

Therefore, I write of my personal thoughts in this letter, apart from NYC politics. Some of this I have already expressed, but now I write with more concerns from my heart.

First of all, I want to make very clear that my rebuke and condemnation, and characterizations of the British and Nigerian Governments are in no way indicative of the character of all or even most of their citizens. There are many millions of beautiful, kind and peaceful Brits and Nigerians.

My own American government has often not represented me or most Americans in their pursuit of unjust wars and seemingly foolish alliances.

I ask the generous and innocent British and Nigerian people to consider the honesty of my own heart and perceive that I would speak out with the same passion to decry any injustices done to you.
However, I am presently disturbed and concerned about the shameful injustices that you, as Biafrans, have endured for over fifty years. It is sadly demonstrative of many other people around the world who suffer similar horrors and injustices every day.

In too many countries, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Falun Gong, Yazidis, and people of all religions as well as atheist and non-believers, suffer unjustly and horrifically. It takes many, many strong leaders around the world to deliver the oppressed out of the hands of their oppressors. Unfortunately, we have a too great a deficit of such men and women. Far too few leaders are willing to stand up and cry out for justice, love, and truth and even risk imprisonment or death, just as some of you have done.

Many millions still suffer not only religious persecutions, but political persecutions by the greedy, arrogant, rich, and powerful, psychotically delusional leaders who often torture and murder, with demonic delight, those people with different opinions. And it is often far more disastrous for those who have aspirations of autonomy and liberty.

Yes, we are all moved with sorrow by the suffering of people throughout South America, Russia, the former Soviet Union, Islamic countries, Africa, Asia, Haiti and the many Islands, and, yes, the suffering of innocent people in every country on earth including Europe and America.

We Americans are not proud that our own government has also caused appallingly unjust suffering in other countries, nor that, in the United States of America, American Indian, Indian, Black, Latino, and Asian and other discrimination and oppression still occur each day. Grievously, racial and class suffering continue in America, just as the theft of your own oil and persecution of your people remains unabated.

As I mentioned before, I was greatly distressed that the world showed so little concern about the British-weaponized-Muslim-Army-murders of 30 Biafrans, who were simply and peacefully rejoicing after the election of President Donald Trump. To know that your people continue to suffer such barbaric injustices from the Nigerian Government, backed by the Sharia alliances of Great Britain, should be a grave concern for every freedom loving man and woman. Unfortunately, because your people are black, and African, and Christian, such injustice seems to trouble very few.

I know that your sorrows are increasing under the swelling of sharia, just as the deliberate twisting and perverting of our American Constitutional laws are being kissed and placated by some American officials and their own growing love affair with our sharia loving media.

I know that, for many Biafran Christians, it is a troubling question: how can I trust in the power and protection of a God who allows such savage human suffering? Is He real? Is God a joke to be used as a power broker and money maker for those corrupt deceivers with A-type personalities? What God would even stoop to take great suffering and death upon himself? How is it that God promises to help, yet watches a sparrow fall to its death with nary a word?

These are some of humanities questions which are never easily answered.

Yet, in the midst of sorrow, torture, and death, we hold on to faith, to joy, to hope, to loving our enemies while crying out for justice. We “lift up [our] eyes to the mountains, from whence cometh [our] help. [Our] help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.“ Psalm 121:1-3
Through our years of pain, it may often appear that God does indeed slumber. But our spirits testify to the reality of eternal justice, the implacability of God’s vengeance, and the righteous retribution accomplished by governments, rather than individuals, under his mysterious hand.

Yes, you well know that it will be a difficult time for Britain and Nigeria when they finally face their own evils, do the right thing, and return their sweet, stolen goods. Of course, their difficulties cannot compare with the literal hell, the millions of murders, rapes, and purposeful starvation of 2,000,000 people that they have put the Biafrans through for over fifty years.

However, I would, in the strongest terms, but humbly, suggest that when that day comes, Biafrans unite, and strive to be cautious, careful and wise.

Please allow me to share my concerns for a future Biafra. Forgive any offense or perceived pride. I have no delusion that my opinions will change the course of history, but I share these ideas in the case that any concern shared in love may reach one heart and maybe one part of a group of people.

As typical not only of African nations, but of any young nation that could come into its own power and sudden wealth, you could explode from within because of one main reason…You all have human hearts. And your human hearts have the same tendency as mine…and the exact same capacity for evil as the hearts of any British or Nigerian or American leader; yes, any and every human being. For, as the Biblical truth conveys:

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9 ESV

Unfortunately, there are many Muslims who will hear no honest and loving criticism from an outsider, an infidel or kafir. Do not close your mind accordingly and please do not project onto me a racism and hubris that do not belong to me. I speak out of observing and recognizing, during my sixty years of life, how all human communities and all countries are plagued with infighting, greed, lust for wealth and power, and a willingness to justify our own murder of others.

I encourage you to always listen to the other side. Always be willing to be wrong. Always be willing to give your life, not for the cause that benefits you, but for those causes which benefit others who suffer unjustly, whoever and wherever they may be.

I know that each Biafran Clan already has its own leaders. But as opportunity comes up, one day, to change and to vote in your own new country, I want to reiterate what you already know. That is, to be wise to choose any future leaders from those who are willing to admit their own errors. Search for the honest leaders, seek for the transparent leaders, seek for the experienced leaders in negotiation, those willing to listen to rebuke and challenge, and those willing to engage in intellectually honest argument and debate, which, it seems to me, Biafrans have already well accomplished.

Seek those who pursue justice, but eschew vengeance. Seek those who not only pursue truth, but seek to understand an opposite perception of truth with equal passion. Seek those who pursue financial abundance for their country, yet who are strong enough to flee the temptations of their own private inurement and the enrichment of their own friends and family.

These characteristics may be ideal, and, indeed, difficult, if not impossible to find, given that this is not the way most of humanity is trained. But set your goal to seek them out. Make it your ambition to educate your future generations in the truth of our human propensity to deceit, to sin and to greed. Demonstrate for the Biafran youth how to find joy and fulfillment in love, goodness, mercy and kindness.

The experience of every country and every child in the world proves Mohammed’s ill-conceived concept and sad misunderstanding of life when he said that every human child is born fitrah (a pure, sinless Muslim). This is not only opposite of Christian and Jewish teaching, but contrary to life itself.

For example: A two-year-old does not have to be taught to harm another child to get his way. The parents of a three-year-old do not have to teach the child how to lie. A six year old does not have to be taught how to steal, but why he should not steal. An eight-year-old does not have to be taught to harm his siblings or a neighbor when he is personally offended.

These come out of the nature of every child. This cannot be because we are born sinless, but because we are all born into the human condition of a sick and selfish heart that is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things. We must be shown and taught the good path of God’s love and mercy.

Therefore, I plead with you, before you receive your UN-Charter- proclaimed-right to rule yourselves as an indigenous people, make alliances with America and outside honest, wealthy, financial entities to help you oversee and distribute all of Biafra’s oil funds.

I do not suggest this to imply that your race makes you in anyway incapable, but that the history of any society embracing new, vast wealth is that they are then proceeded by infighting. Oppression amongst their own people becomes normal. Tyranny then raises its ugly head once again and threatens to retain violent control. It too easily oppresses its new adversaries from amongst its own clansmen.

This is the difficulty of every country and every province and every city on earth, including my own NYC. The gangs, the turf wars, the mafia, and the Wall Street power brokers share the same deceit and wickedness of the heart and are capable of participating in or supporting the greatest forms evil. It is just as easy for a new young country to fall prey to the same self-victimization, particularly when those societies are already divided.

I hope that you will seek advice to avoid any possibility of destroying yourselves. I pray that you circumvent the risk of oppressing your selves even more wickedly than Britain and Nigeria have been oppressing you.

Even so, you Biafrans should have the right to make your own decisions about the paths you will follow.

But enough, now! Enough of the mourning. Enough of my sharing. Enough of the past and present sorrows. I bow with you before the Sovereign God, in great joy, and hope, and anticipation of the soon coming day when Great Britain and Nigeria governments repent of their great wickedness and return the oil to its' United-Nations-Charter-Declared-rightful-indigenous-owners.

And one day, I look forward to joyfully declaring with you, in the word’s of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…. “FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST…THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, [WE’RE] FREE AT LAST!!!

May your sorrows and struggles soon come to an end.

My dear Biafrans, I salute you.

Your friend,

Scott Berry