VIDEO 1. MYTH 1 Holding unforgiveness in your heart will make you angry and bitter!

VIDEO 2. MYTH 2 Forgiveness is as much for you as it is for your offender.

                 MYTH 3 Forgiveness does not mean that an offender is no longer guilty,  accountable,

                                or that we must be reconciled.

VIDEO 3. MYTH 4 To forgive means to let go of a grudge or let go of anger and bitterness.

VIDEO 4. MYTH 5  God always forgives people, so we must always forgive people 

VIDEO 5.  Remaking MYTH 6-A 
Jesus forgave His enemies on the cross/Part I
VIDEO 6.  MYTH 6-B  Jesus forgave His enemies on the cross/Part II

VIDEO 7.  MYTH 7 We can aphiemi/forgive someone whether they want forgiveness or not. 

VIDEO 8. MYTH 8 Forgiveness is the conduit through which we release anger and bitterness. 
VIDEO 9. MYTH 9  You must forgive all offenders 70 x 7 (Matthew 18:22). 
VIDEO 10. MYTH 10  If you do not forgive all offenders, God will not forgive you.  
VIDEO 11. MYTH 11  Forgiveness should never be considered a sin. 
VIDEO 12. MYTH 12.  If you are angry and bitter it means that you are unforgiving.  
VIDEO 13. MYTH 13 Because Jesus already atoned/paid for your sin at the cross, that means he has already forgiven (removed/lifted off/sent away) your sin from you. You just have to accept it.  
VIDEO 14. MYTH14 If you love everyone, you must “forgive” everyone (forgive/remove the sin and debt of every offender.) 
VIDEO 15. MYTH 15 You must “remove/forgive” everyone because you do not know what is in their hearts.  
VIDEO 16. MYTH 16 Paul teaches to forgive the same way Jesus teaches to forgive. 

VIDEO 17. MYTH 17 The Lord’s Prayer: If we do not forgive all those who trespass against us, God will not forgive us! 
VIDEO 18. MYTH 18 God commands us to not be hateful or not hold a grudge by forgiving our offenders. 
VIDEO 19. MYTH 19 Forgiveness means we should be at peace and move on! 

VIDEO 20. MYTH 20 Forgiveness means we should not desire vengeance. 
VIDEO 21. MYTH 21 You will never be free from anger unless you forgive your offender/the sins of your offender. 
VIDEO 22. MYTH 22 We should always forgive this sins of our children as the Father forgave the sins of the Prodigal son before he repented. 
VIDEO 23. MYTH 23 Joseph forgave the sins of his brothers before they repented. 

VIDEO 24. MYTH 24 Jesus forgave the paralytic before he repented 
VIDEO 25. MYTH 25 Stephen forgave those who stoned him 

VIDEO 26. MYTH 26  Jesus forgave the sins of the woman caught in adultery before she repented