​June 19, 2017​June 19, 2017


Here are some thoughts about tomorrow's special election.

What some of your foolish Georgia Republican friends need to realize is that when the left keeps up their lies and fake "Russian" investigations and are doing everything possible to win back control and bring sharia to your neighborhoods, you will need to do everything in your power to take up Obama's admonition and cling to your religion and your guns. You are very soon going to have a restart of Obama's Islamic Sharia imposition and a tidal wave push to take away your guns.

The left and their Islamic, radical liars and political/social agitators throughout America, will take us down Sharia-Europe's path if they win back control. Listening to your gullible "Republican Traitors", women and men, agitators and liars, may open the door a bit wider to the next civil war. Better stock up on everything you can get your hands on.

Saudi Arabia is already in control of most of this nonsense and certainly of 90% of the radical Mosque in your neighborhoods and terrorist training centers. Don't you love how the left makes fun of these realities? They always belittle when Governor Christie of NJ belittled those complaining about his Muslim appointees "Sharia Crap." Hmm, some of that sharia crap is being forced upon us and a lot more is to come when Dems regain control. Like Obama said in defiance of our Constitution..."The furture must not belong to those who criticize the prophet!"

Oh, I thought our Consitution said to treat all religions equally,...that if we curse and blaspeheme Jesus and show him in porn and as a homosexual, we can also criticize, blaspheme, curse, and depict Mohammed as a loving gay man as well. Right? Or is Sharia more important to Obama, Hillary, and Muslim Brotherhood's Huma, and to the liberals?

Did you Georgians see this article referencing this typical simple mind?   about Forty-eight year old Colt Whittall...

"So Whittall .... also thought the real estate mogul’s behavior — especially in the Access Hollywood video, in which Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women — was unfit for the presidency."

SO MR. WHITTHALL, what have you ever said about JFK or Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, and a host of other politicians who did not only TALK ABOUT women who don't mind having their vagina's grabbed due to fame, fortune, or success, but men who actually physically grabbed, ate, licked, cigar sexed, and raped vaginas of very willing women in the Oval office, on and under the Oval Office desk and everywhere else in the White House and putting their sperm all over their clothing?

Did you and your friends or the  media ever say "THOSE ACTIONS, NOT JUST WORD'S, ARE DISQUALIFYING?" Did you ever say that they were all unfit to serve and no longer to be respected????...or is disqualification not for people who actually do it, but only for those who speak the truth about how some girls like Monika and Marilyn don't mind if you do it.

Which one of these really makes a President disqualified and unfit, Mr. Whitthall? CAN YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH? OR DO YOU HAVE THE SAME HEART AND MOUTH DISEASE AS THE MEDIA? 

Also, please explain to me, what is wrong with banning people who hate America, hate our Constitution, hate our free speech and have come only to infiltrate and, eventually take us down the sharia path of Britain and the sharia free speech hating EU? Perhaps you adore London's Mayor Kahn and agree that we must now accept Islamic terrorism as "part and parcel of our lives." "To hell with Trump's concern," you proclaim. "ISIS terrorists are already here by the thousands. Let us welcome our good hearted beheaders. Welcome our un-vetted enemies to our cities and towns!"

I grew up in Georgia but live in NYC now. Come visit me a while. I will introduce you to hundreds of Muslims who represent millions across NYC and America who hate this country and openly talk about it. They brag about how stupid America is and how easy it is to take advantage of us financially and in every way. If you don't believe me, you are living in la la land.

And by the way, to some of you easily duped southerners, if Russia had hacked and released 3 times as much material on Clinton and the DNC, but everything they released revealed that Hillary and the DNC folk were upright, spotless, never lied, never tried to cheat, never did anything wrong, Hillary Clinton would be kissing Putin's feet to this day.

The same illegal hacking is done by our government everyday around the world…just as they did to Germany, Israel, and Europe and were desperately trying to do to your own GA STATE Board of Elections. Did you complainers ever follow through with your own pinging investigation of Obama's Muslim Brotherhood run Homeland Security?

IT IS NOT WHAT THE RUSSIANS DID THAT BROUGHT HILLARY DOWN, IT'S WHAT THE HACKING REVEALED. The Russians did not interfere in our elections, THEY SIMPLY ENHANCED THE TRAMPSARENCY OF OUR ELECTIONS...And the Dems and Republican Trump haters like you FOOLS, swallow all the nonsense... hook, line, and sinker.

Oh, just one more parting government lesson for you. Yes, the FBI director serves at the pleasure of the President and can be fired any moment. Since this Russian nonsense has been investigated since last July, and nothing has been suggested that is remotely illegal, it’s time to get over all the media, left wing, and Republican “Never Trump" fake news. I can give you 25 ways Obama betrayed America in far worse ways than what Trump could ever dream of doing!!! 

         Jon Ossoff                    Karen Handle


​​ Picture Courtesy CNN News