JACK PHLLIPS vs. SUPREME NONSENSE

The liberals on the Supreme Court are not being honest about obvious law. The Baker, Jack Phillips, has repeatedly said that he will not refuse service to anyone. But the policy of serving serving "everyone who walks in his door" by no means requires the idiotic concept of the liberal SCOTUS Judges that he must provide for their actions or events.

He WILL serve a pornographer or a Satan worshipper who walks into his bakery, but he will NOT provide cakes, cookies, or anything else, for:
• An orgy party
• A Satan worship service 
• A racist or white supremacists event, 
• A Westboro Baptist Church "God Hates Fags" convention 
• A famous stripper's or porn star's Birthday Party, even if 
there is no nudity
• A straight marriage of a 70 year old man to a legal 17 year 
old girl
• An abortion rights event
• A Sanctuary City Celebration
• A "God hates Muslims and Immigration" party
• Halloween Parties

nor is he legally required to do so. The US Constitution does not allow any individual to force another individual to provide, enhance, or support, any sinful action or event that violates his or her conscience. It is also against the law for the Supreme Court to label any non-injurious event as sinful (immoral) or not. That is only the right to conscience of the person who is asked to provide for or enhance an action or event.

You may be part of a protected class, but your celebration, action, or event is not protected from discrimination or non-supportive and non-provisional action.

To petition someone to violate his conscience and provide for or enhance any event that the petitioned considers sinful or immoral is itself immoral and illegal. It is outside the scope of accommodation of service for individuals in his store and who require no support of any action or event.

To suggest otherwise is not only pure stupidity, it is totally unconstitutional. It is a betrayal of the freedoms that our soldiers continue to die for. It is worth defending our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Every individual has the Constitutional right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness according to their own value system without being forced to provide for the legal sin and right to happiness of another individual.

In the baker’s view, the event of gay marriage may be legal, like Halloween or a Satan worship event, but he will not enhance or provide for the celebration of any of them. In his view, the gay marriage is legal immorality which he claims he does not have to enhance, provide for, or support in any way. His lawyers, however, spent way to much time on ridiculous, superfulous, foolish, inconsistent, and unsustainable claims of the rights to "artistic speech." It was an absurd arguement...and this comming for a Baker supporter!!  See my VIDEO.

Ginsberg and liberals say that you must bake a cake or cater for whoever walks in your door…for an orgy weekend, anti-immigration, White Supremacist, or Cop hater parties, Satan Worship, etc. This is the utter absurdity of liberals and why we need 7/9ths of the court appointed by President Trump.

See Thomas Jefferson's various comments on why the "Rights to Conscience" supersede all civil law!  HERE

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