Everyone knows that all prostitutes, and most whores, exist for one reason...MONEY... not simply a love for sex. In fact, many, if not most of these particular women, hate men. They laboriously grunt and grind and groan, pretending to love their subjugators because of their own love for the powerful, but temporary, almighty dollar.  

Liberals, establishment Republicans and Merkel's European comrades all lie comfortably on the beds of Subjugation (Islam), desperately shaking and trembling for the drugs of fear and  the money of subjugation. They give barely a thought to the rape of our countries and our freedoms.  We have little choice but to live in fear of deceivers, savages, and medieval minded barbarians. Our leaders live and work in their ivory palaces, dining and exchanging pleasantries at State dinners and weekend retreats with our enemies while they terrorize us with the anxiety of bombs, beatings, beheadings, shootings, and massacres of our innocent citizens.  These atrocities are committed by the perverts of Subjugation who insist they be called the religion of peace.

But to our fascists and traitorous step-mothers who smack us down for the slightest critique of their Subjugator boyfriend about to become our stepfather, terror is a small price to pay for the pleasurable, adulterous exchanges of financial security and comfort. All that our stepmothers are required to do is to proclaim that they do not condone our suffering and torment as they allow us to suffer the same toements day after day, month aftermonth, and year after year.  Then, off again they go, dripping with the perverse urolagnia and coprophilia of their lovers, gallivanting, hob-knobbing, golfing and shopping while they leave us in the hellacious care of their lovers and our predatory stepfathers.

Many, but not enough, in the world, are quicky beginnng to realize that Islam - whose literal English name is SUBJUGATION - is not a religion, but a seditious and insideous-fascists-dictorial-theocracy. Many throughout Europe are demanding even stronger policies than President Trump has implemeted. They urgently and harmoniously cry out for the complete banning of the "taqiyya religion" of Subjugation Theocracy.  They are  calling for the removal and refusal of its seditious and traitorous ahderents. Now that creeping taqiyya and the cultural and political wars of  the Theocracy of Subjugation are upon us, it is up to us to gather together from around the word and stop the three tiered army of religious and political subjucators.

Everyone knows that all prostitutes and most whores exist for one reason...MONEY... not simply a love for sex. In fact, many if not most, hate oversexed men but pretend to love them for the $.  Liberals, establishment Republicans and Merkels Europe lie comofortably on the couches of Subjugation because they desperately need the money.