CONGRESSIONAL BETRAYAL

Are you free to love what you want to love and hate what you want to hate? Are the Democrats and Establishment Republicans allowed to HATE all conservatives and President Trump?  Can they hate white supremacists?  Can they hate those who criticize the prophet of Islam? 

Not if you approve of what 100% of our Senators approved. They signed a resolution stating that they condemn HATE IN ALL ITS FORMS!!! 

In April 2017, 100% of our foolish Senators and all of the House Democrats, joined by several traitorous Republicans, took a giant step in fulfilling Obama's Treasonous Declaration that "The future must not belong to those who criticize* the Prophet." (*Insult, hate, blaspheme, or "Slander" the Prophet.) Indeed not!  

This Obama proclamation is the same anti-American freedoms, unconstitutional, inhumane garbage proclaimed in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and EVERY Islamic country in the world! "YOU WILL HAVE NO FUTURE...INDEED, YOU WILL HAVE NO HEAD IF YOU INSULT THE PROPHET!" It matters not that Obama added the perfunctory, "but to be credible...,”

"The future must not belong to those who "slander"* the prophet of Islam.  But to be credible, those who condemn that "slander" must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied." B.H. Obama

Hmmmm.  I thought that the point of our Contstitution was that the
future of everyone, AT LEAST IN AMERICA, MUST belong to those who alllow the criticism, insult, cursing, blasphemy, and "slander" of
 the prophet of Islam, Jesus, any God, any government, any Allah, any person or anything. We are free to be blaspheme whatever the hell we want to blashpeme or we have no freedom.  Then we would be a theocracy.

Even Jesus Christ had enough sense to make a separation of Church and State, and to break away from the Jewish tradition of a theocratic governement.  He made this clear when he said, "My kingdom is not of theis world...otherwise my servants would fight," he said in John 18:36.  OBAMA’S CONFLATING FREE SPEECH WITH DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AND SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENT HUMANS IS  HIS VERY WICKED, PERVERTED, AND TYPICAL MUSLIM, SELF-SERVING COMPARISON.

The US House Resolution 257 and Senate Resolution 118 betray our Constitutional equal treatment of all religions and people.   By declaring that they "Stand against ALL FORMS," and signing this Muslim written piece of taqyyia-sharia trash, our foolish and Islamically ignorant Congressmen and women betrayed our Constitutional right to love what we want to love and hate what we want to hate and to speak or demonstrate about what we love or hate without hindrance. 

Is it possible that smart grown men and women who are elected to protect our freedoms to love whatever we want to love and to hate whatever we want to hate, to speak about what we love or hate, and to act, without injury, on what we love or hate, can so effortlessly and blithely betray our most fundamental Constitutional rights in favor of treasonous ISLAMIC GARBAGE?

What they mean is that they only stand against other conservatives  right to hate, not their own!! This is Liberal and Islamic logic, now accepted by either whorish or blatantly ignorant Republicans!

This ludicrous resolution is blatantly treasonous to the Constitutional freedoms that our soldiers have been dying to protect for 250 years. The military, and we, must fight our enemies, foreign and domestic, and defend and protect our Constitution.

Speaking hatefully about one's opinion of truth concerning another person's beliefs or practices cannot be considered illegal. Words, art, music, or expression of hate cannot be considered illegal no matter how repulsed or violent those who are offended become.

The US Senate and House should only criminalize free hate speech and enact hate speech laws over our dead bodies.

These Resolutions, H 257 and S 118, are pieces of treasonous, unconstitutional garbage. They have been in the works by the Muslim Brotherhood for over 50 years.  It has been a long, end-run-around-the-Constitution-project put into play by the Islamic Theocracy. The goal of the Muslims is aimed at circumventing our Constitutional free speech and making Obama's dream come true...and it looks like they are about to score more big wins with our very Muslim ignorant Republican Congress.  

To my horror, and hopefully yours, it is working.  Our enemies have already won over the liberals and the liberal media. Conservative Americans continue their mindless, drunken voting parties, and they sleep, as the Muslims Cross the Delaware.  

Foolish and Ignorant Americans.