James Scott Berry

1. Can you define what is meant by “Unalienable Right?” 
2. Can you define what is meant by “The Constitutional Right to Conscience?” 
3. Can you explain the only decision that the Supreme Court is allowed to make regarding an unalienable or a conscience right? 
4. What did our Forefathers, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence reveal about the “Right to Conscience” versus Civil Laws? 
5. Can you explain why opinion rights, conscience rights, and religious rights always trump civil rights Constitutionally and why the Supreme Court must always take the side of the baker, florist or photographer, videographer, restauranteur, or other service providers in public accommodation cases of providing for an event or celebration? 
6. What did Thomas Jefferson say was the greatest and most important aspect of our Constitution?
7. Can you explain why the far-right religious community and the radical-left and LGBTQ COMMUNITY should be able to get along splendidly, fully supporting each other's Constitutional rights and liberties?
8. Can you provide examples where even most liberals and LGBTQ advocates would not force a service provider to provide a service for certain events or celebrations?
9. Can you explain why Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube should not have the legal right to censure all speech or hate speech as public speech platforms?
10. Can you explain why the freedom to hate is the greatest freedom in the world?
11. Why is the new EQUALITY ACT highly illegal and destructive to our Constitutional rights of conscience?
12. Can you explain why family culture and individual irresponsibility are the greatest impediments to Black and Latino educational excellence in our inner-city troubled schools?
13. Can you explain why America is one of the Greatest countries in the world yet has the greatest disrespect and violence against teachers of any country in the world?
14. Can you explain the two major differences between successful public, private, and charter schools and all unsuccessful schools? (Hint: It is NOT money, neighborhood, educational opportunity, or teacher quality.)
15. With today’s sophisticated and powerful military weaponry, what is the justification to keep the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms against a runaway, treasonous government?
16. Can you explain how American school gun violence is related to the failure of America’s Educational system? 
17. Can you explain why America is NOT a Christian Theocracy, yet must maintain the Judeo-Christian Foundation in order to remain free?
18. Can you explain why Jesus Christ and Paul are the greatest teachers of the Separation of Church and State in the history of the world?
19. Can you explain the differences between a religion and a theocracy?
20. Can you explain how to love all people, but Constitutionally ban any theocracy?

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