On July 4, 1776, brave American men signed one of the greatest secular documents of Freedom the world has ever known: The United States Declaration of Independence.

These men knew that, in doings so, they risked losing everything, including their lives, in pursuit of their audacious claims to individual freedom and the individual rights to conscience.  They, and the later signers of the U.S. Constitution, made clear the supremacy of conscience rights and their opposition to any and all government-imposed restrictions of the same. 

Any American laws supporting religious liberty, opinion, conscience, and the resulting actions were commonplace. Today, laws opposing religious liberty, opinion, conscience, and resulting actions are common place amongst the leftist and illegal civil rights commissions and boards.  Too often, the right to refuse to act upon and participate in another’s freedom to sin is considered illegal.

Thanks to the election of President Donald Trump and a more Constitutionally rational and justice-centered Supreme Court, we have been blessed with a temporary reprise from such wrong-headed emotional injustice.

The left, the socialist, and the virulent haters of free love speech and free hate speech are clamoring to destroy the Constitution. They hope to bring conservatives to their knees in fines and imprisonment, as has already been happening. Their goal is to establish a new Constitution so that their beliefs, actions, and values cannot be considered sinful by anyone, even when the freedom of their choices of belief or sinful behavior are not hindered by law.

Denial of liberty and conscience rights and the right to both love and to hate, are also goals of Constitutionally demented Democratic liberals and their emotionally, socially ill-conceived, illegal agenda.  The second revolutionary war and the second civil war may be quickly closing ranks in order to fight the onslaught of socialist manipulation and an emotionally lead, rather than justice lead, court system. 

Even worse, our Democratic and Socialist parties are training and driving our college students into legal lunacy and chaos founded upon an emotionally-opinionated-based rather than a justice-based society.  Their goal is to destroy our system of laws built on the Constitution and individual freedoms and replace it with Bernie Sanders and Antifa-style Social Fascism.  

Even our Republican US Senators joined the taqiyya ranks of all 100 Senators and many House Democrats who stated that they “stand against” your Constitutional right to “ all its forms!”  (Senate Resolution 118, 2017)  What happened to all our foolish Senators that they have so quickly bowed to emotional Bull Dung and to the Islamic/Sharia concept that you have no right to hate Allah or Mohammed in any form?

What are all 100 Senators treasonously thinking when they sign on to a Sharia Resolution written for America by two Muslims who are experts in using very nice, sweet sounding Taqiyya? How is it possible that all 100 Senators and many Pastors and religious leaders across America are so blinded by EBDJ (Emotional Bull Dung Justice) that they would defy our Constitutional right to love whatever we want to love and hate what ever we want to hate and to act upon both love and hate without physical violence?

Why do ministers who agree with Jesus that His “Kingdom is not of this world,” then twist and pervert the Bible in order to support emotional, liberal, unconstitutional, individual rights denying  concepts, resolutions, and civil laws?

And why are so many in our Congress willing to drag us down to the European free speech hellhole?

The right to associate or disassociate from whatever or whoever you choose is a basic Constitutional right of conscience.  Jefferson and the founders made it clear that we should never submit our religious and conscience rights to government or be forced to kowtow to civil rights laws of any kind.

"No provision in our constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority." --Thomas Jefferson to New London Methodists, 1809. Me 16:33

"It is inconsistent with the spirit of our laws and constitution to force tender consciences." --Thomas Jefferson: proclamation concerning paroles, 1781. Fe 2:430, papers 4:404

"The error seems not sufficiently eradicated that the operations of the mind as well as the acts of the body are subject to the coercion of the laws. But our rulers can have authority over such natural rights only as we have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted, we could not submit. We are answerable for them to our God.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q. xvii, 1782. Me 2:221  

Sin, to the liberals, is the operative word that is most hated. It is their desire to outlaw the classification of actions being labeled “sinful” even by private and constitutionally protected individuals and privately held businesses. They want to see this word forbidden and outlawed, not only in connection to the vocabulary of the courts, but in connection to the vocabulary, actions, and individual freedoms to refuse to participate in any behavior, action, or event one may consider “sinful.”   ( )


Is opposing illegal immigration unconstitutional or immoral, or is allowing illegal, unrestricted immigration unconstitutional and immoral?

Donald Trump was absolutely right. Why do we want to bring routinely unvetted people into our great country from African and Islamic hell-hole countries who hate our freedoms and our Constitution?

Why does our media refuse to tell the truth about all the women who are routinely gang raped by opposing communities and opposing armed forces throughout Africa?  Why doesn't the media publicize how African men by the millions continuously and savagely ravage the buttocks and genitals of women as well as men? 

Why does our treasonous, lying media refuse to tell the stories of how the genitals and anuses of women are mutilated by gun nozzles and tree branches, burned, and shot, leaving hundreds of thousands of women with a lifetime of pain and vulnerable to diseases. Why doesn't our media report that we do not want to accept families that are part of sick, demonic, cruel and savage culture where those victims who should receive the most merciful, nurturing, and comforting love are actually diabolically rejected, condemned, ignored, and left alone to suffer with no medical help from government, family, and community? Sick hell-holes and shit-holes are words too generous for these demonically filled countries.

Why does our media lie and refuse to tell the truth about over 515,000 young Muslim girls in the USA and 200,000,000 girls in mostly Islamic countries (up to 90% in Egypt) who have had their genitals sliced-up and mutilated to rid them of their temptation to sin with sexual pleasure?  Why are these perverted, sick adults allowed into our country and we do nothing to stop this butchering insanity? We allow the sick and inhumane treatment of these girls under the lie that Islam is a religion rather than an illegal, criminal theocracy that uses religion as its taqiyya cover, should have no right to exist anywhere on the planet. 

Why does our media refuse to tell the truth about the many countries where men, women, and children are hacked up by machetes, crucified, raped, and beheaded in front of their family members for an insult, a cartoon, or attempting to share the love of Jesus Christ or build a church, or, in Africa, being on the wrong side of the perverted government of the day? And all this grotesque, barbaric, and savage treatment of human beings continues on a daily and even hourly basis.

Why did Obama’s FBI and CIA and the Democrats allow the Muslim Brotherhood and their kissing cousins, ISIS, according to James Comey, in every State in America?  Why are they still embedded in every public college campus in America and nursed by the Obama Muslims and dhimmis opposing Trump who remain in the FBI and CIA?  

Why do our perverted liberal domestic enemy citizens want to foolishly open our borders to other enemies who are taking advantage of our gracious asylum system by using the emotional taqiyya perversion of crying, illegal children?

My ex-wife and over 20 members of her extended family waited SEVEN OR MORE YEARS to come to America legally.

Why do Tim Keller and host of evangelical leaders foolishly think that the Government should open wide our borders?  These religious and government hypocrites scoff and the years of tears of my wife and her other brothers and sisters who, after their fathers death, waited out the seven year separation from their mother.  My ex endured cruelty, rejection, abuse and many more tears throughout seven years than these immorally supported illegal, law breaking aliens. 

Meanwhile, millions of illegal cheaters are encouraged by Democrats and immoral thinking ministers to break the law, cheat, break in line, and bring their babies on an illegal perilous journey so that the Democrats can get millions of more votes for bailing these illegals out of their perverted hell-hole and S-hole government run countries. These countries are bastions of the corruption of liberal socialism, ironically supported by our media. 

Why do Tim Keller and a host of evangelical leaders foolishly think that the Government should open wide our borders to our most cunning enemies who use crying children to deceitfully enter a “city without walls!” These leaders are deceived by emotionally based, perverted, Satanic mercy on those who seek to use our own system of perverted mercy on lawbreakers to deceive, infiltrate, and destroy us. 

Obama already brought in the terrorist organization (so called by other Muslim countries) the Muslim Brotherhood. They now reign supreme on our college campus and growing like roaches and rabbits in our communities.  I am not saying that we cannot love roaches and rabbits, but some who want to exterminate every Jew and Christian in the world need to be exterminated by the good Imams who obey Allah and refused entry by our government.

The silent and hidden Islamic enemies should not be welcomed here under the stupidity of open borders, chain migration, and amnesty to run over our children with a truck in NYC or slaughter people who celebrate Christmas or gun down those who express their sexual freedom in America. Those who continuously lie about their religion and illegal theocratic beliefs, which, unfortunately is provably every Muslim, should be banned from America until they change or tell the truth.  I personally believe that we should love every Muslim, but ban the theocracy of Islam. 

Loving our enemies is NOT a Biblical command nor a Biblical expectation of Government. Rather, according to the Bible, it is the government's responsibility not to love our enemies, but to protect us from our enemies, hinder and stop illegal activity, and to kill enemies whenever necessary.

Rest assured, there is not one Islamic country we want to emulate.  There is not one African country whose standards we wish to employ.  There is not one Communist country that the freedom loving people of the world are fleeing to.  And there is not one European country that is not becoming, or is not already, a fully developed freedom hell-hole.

Be ready in case we must stand and fight against the American liberal kings of emotional subterfuge.  Be alert and ready to defend our country against violent haters of free hate speech. Get ready to die to save our children from emotional and unconstitutional social rot. 

Be prepared to debate with fake or deceived Christians  who feel they are greater, more loving, and more forgiving than God by "forgiving our enemies," word's that Jesus never uttered, and an action God refuses to do unless those enemies desire to become His friends through repentance!

God bless what once was America, and is barely hanging on by Trumpian threads.